SpottedBySAMCAM started as a hobby. Growing up, I was always the girl with a camera in her hand. Everyone figured it was a toy I would one day outgrow. My first memory dates back to the vintage disposables at sleep away camp. Do you remember disposable cameras?! Actually bringing your camera to the store, and then coming back later (overly excited) to pick up the prints?  I'd go through twice as many as the rest of the girls in my bunk. Butterfly on a leaf? Messy cubby? Shaving cream fight? You bet I had to capture it all. Fast forward a few years to college. Between studying abroad, days at the pool, and nights out, SAMCAM spotted everything. She might even have some selfies with her favorite books at the library, just to show mom she actually made it. Hey Mom!

I graduated from the University of Arizona in 2012 with a Bachelors of Arts in Elementary Education. I love children, and growing up I spent most of my summers as either a camper or camp counselor. So, leaning into Education really felt natural. However, the transition from college to the real world had some unexpected challenges for me. Challenges people don't speak about out loud enough. It wasn't until I was a few years out of college and working in Media at a Health & Wellness magazine that I had the confidence to share my story. I am grateful I had this opportunity, because I now live my life stigma free.

Since graduating from college I have worked in Finance, Fashion, Digital Media, and Fine Art.  My experiences in all of these industries were very different, but all really rewarding. I fell into a production based role early on, and quickly picked up how transferable this would be. And so, I have been continuously developing a skill set in production while incorporating my passion for photography. 

While always working full-time, I freelance on the side and network as much as possible. Having a creative outlet is fun, but it has also led me to pursue continuing my education, appreciate fine art, and has even helped me maintain healthy work-life harmony.

My professional achievements can be highlighted through my work for Condé Nast and Sotheby’s, where I successfully supported the re-launch of these websites: SELF, Sotheby's Wine, and Sotheby's Museum Network. At the time of those re-launches I was simultaneously juggling production for e-catalogues, digital and print magazines, current e-mail campaigns, and editorial calendars.

I enjoy problem solving, coding, writing, and editorial design. I geek out on re-launching websites, e-commerce, and SEO.


Myers-Briggs: INFJ
Currently Watching: Billions, Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan, Shark Tank, Bravo,
Favorite Shows: Friends, Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, The Crown, Grown-ish, Veep, Grace & Frankie
Currently Reading:  Word by Word, Kory Stamper
Favorite Reads: Matilda, Harry Potter, Make Trouble, Psychos by Babe Walker, anything Nicholas Sparks or Roald Dahl
Listening To: Billy Joel, This is LANY, Nicki Minaj, The Beatles
Life Goal: To run the TCS NYC Marathon (*Currently training for Fall 2018!)

Interested in collaborating? Need a photographer for an upcoming event, or help producing a website?!
I'd love to work together, drop me a line. Additionally, I am always open to future volunteer opportunities.

xx SpottedBySAMCAM


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             Special shout-out to my family for always encouraging me to follow my dreams.