Samantha DiBenedetto is a photographer, multimedia journalist and producer. SpottedBySAMCAM first started as a hobby. After graduating from college and working full - time, Samantha never anticipated being able to pursue her passion for photography. She established herself as a freelance photographer outside of work, picking up shoots and networking whenever she had the opportunity.  Over the years, Samantha has worked in several industries. Moving from Finance and Fashion, to Media, while always having SpottedBySAMCAM as her creative outlet. All of these previous experiences had one thing in common; she was continuously developing a skill-set in production. Now, she is finally combining her passion and side gig for photography with her everyday production work. To be a producer is to be a problem solver. As a producer, Samantha enjoys building and coding websites and has a knack for planning things annoyingly far in advance. Currently, Samantha works as a Producer on the Editorial team at Sotheby's. Outside of producing, Samantha studies Documentary Practice and Visual Journalism at the International Center of Photography and the magic of coding at New York Code + Design Academy.

Feel free to contact Samantha to photograph your next special occasion or produce your website. She is also open to future opportunities, collaborations, and volunteering. Any feedback you may have that can help her grow not only as a brand, but as an artist is always appreciated.

 Thanks for visiting! xx

- #SpottedBySAMCAM

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             Special shout-out to my family for always encouraging me to follow my dreams.